Tatton Investment Managers

Tatton Investment Management is the award-winning, market-leading investment specialist we have chosen to work with for many of our clients.

Tatton was founded just four years ago, but within that period has grown to be the largest on-platform discretionary fund management company in the UK. Operating only via suitably qualified and accredited financial advisers, Tatton creates and manages investment portfolios which allow us to specifically meet your individual specifications and monetary objectives.

Tatton offers a uniquely successful style of fund management which means we in turn can give you access to institutional arrangements not normally available to retail customers. These specific activities keep Tatton’s operating costs down, producing a saving which we are then able to pass on to you, making our charges amongst the most competitive in the marketplace.

An additional benefit of Tatton is the fact it is discretionary. This means your investment portfolio can be focused on whenever that is needed, as opposed to only at pre-established and arranged intervals. This enables the company to react swiftly and effectively to market changes. Day-to-day portfolio also ensures greater risk reduction.

We have chosen to work closely with this company because their philosophy and methods are closely aligned to our own. We both value and understand the importance of investment growth but believe that should never be at the expense of your peace of mind. Ultimately, we all save and invest to be able to spend and enjoy those funds at some point and at that time, we believe you should be able to reap the benefits of a thought-through policy and a diversified portfolio.

Tatton Investment Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial Services Reigster number 733471. Tatton Investment Management Limited is registered in England and Wales No. 08219008. Registered Address: Paradigm House, Brooke Court, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 3ND.