Why Make a Will

There is no law which says you have to have a will at all and many people never make the time to do so.

The problem is that if you die without a will (the legal term is die “intestate”) everything you own will be shared out according to the law. This could mean that people you want to have money or possessions may not get them. By law, for example, step children, have fewer rights, and if you have no children your parents are entitled to more than you might think. The state will also benefit more if you have no will. At Astus, we have years of experience helping people establish a sound financial position, and know the peace of mind that a carefully prepared will can bring. The law is intended to be helpful but it may not be in your best interests.

At ASTUS Will-Writing services, we think it is vital that you get advice from an approachable qualified person you trust, who can explain things in plain English. Writing your will on line where there are no checks means your personal circumstances and wishes may not be taken into account