When is the right time to think about lasting power of attorney?

The time when lasting power of attorney is needed can be a very sensitive time for the family. It is best to start the process before it is needed.

The individual will have to give their consent, and other significant people agree with the selection of the person to whom lasting power of attorney is given. More than one person can be nominated, and this can include professional advisers. The law changed recently and the process is a lot more robust.

At ASTUS, we have experience of dealing with every aspect of lasting power of attorney, and can provide guidance and advice as well as ensuring the legal demands are met.

The One Show

Dom Littlewood met One Show viewer Heather who had to battle to control the family finances after an accident left her husband in a coma for three years. Despite having both written wills, they had never made power of attorney in case they became mentally incapacitated – meaning the court of protection took control of her husband’s assets and she had to apply to access his bank accounts.