Key actions at the point of retirement

Each of us has a different idea of what makes a good retirement. You may see it as a clean break at the end of working full time, whether in employment or running your own company, or you may prefer to take it as a slower, stepping back process which you approach in stages. Whatever you decide, it’s important to follow a route that offers security and ease of mind. That’s why, at whatever point we begin working with you, we implement a four-point plan as follows:

  • Discovery: looking at your existing plans and eliminate out of date papers or policies. This gives us a clean slate and an accurate picture, so we and you know exactly what’s what.
  • Analysis & Research: enabling us to use that picture to review optimum options and choices
  • Strategy Development & Implementation: the key questions being, where, when, why and how it will best suit you to access your funds. By looking at benefit and risk, tax efficiency and your lifestyle, as well as at protecting what you wish to preserve and pass down to future generations, we develop and implement a strategy that is individually tailored for you.
  • Review: carrying out regular annual reviews so your financial planning is always on track. This means we are aware of any changes in your personal circumstances, so can ensure advantage is always taken of legislation changes and fluctuations in the economic environment